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Start Fresh Every Day

Morning meditation.

Start fresh with a quick morning meditation.

I know what it’s like to get stuck in a rut–in fact, we all know what it’s like. An event takes place in our lives that we choose to view in a negative light–we lose a job, go through a breakup, become overwhelmed by debt, or obsessed with worrying about the future. During these testing times it can be easy to allow one rough day to roll into the next. We can go to bed worrying about a fight we had with a family member and wake up anxiety-ridden over the same thing. It’s like we haven’t dropped the obsessive ball for even a moment, even for that tiny window of sleep meant for rest and rejuvenation. It can mess up our day if we let it, but it’s a choice. So, let’s choose to let go of the past and be present today.

I woke up this morning with a striking sense of guilt, as I used to before I recommitted to my health and wellness as a yoga student and teacher. Before I started to work on my inner demon, which relentlessly barked at me to feel bad about myself, my actions and lifestyle, I’d wake up in the morning already primed for anxiety to take over my day. However, since I started doing work on that sneaky voice I don’t really wake up in this state, anymore. In fact, I now tend to rise and shine in the real sense, with a sleepy smile on my face, ready to be present for the beautiful day ahead.  

So, this morning’s wake up was an exception, thankfully. I opened my eyes hesitantly, feeling the effects of oversleeping and heavy fun-food eating from last night, which promised to make my journey out of bed a slow and painful one. Thoughts about money, or lack thereof, started to roll into my brain and I had to snap out of it! I came downstairs, poured myself a glass of cold water with lemon and sat on a pillow to meditate. I felt refreshed, renewed and at peace immediately afterwards and still do. This is my morning routine these days–whether I wake up ready to tackle the day or prepared to hibernate for a year. I wake up, smile because I am alive, kiss my love on the cheek, drink a cleansing glass of lemon water and meditate BEFORE I DO ANYTHING ELSE. You can see in the picture above that I literally roll out of bed and get going on this routine–heck I’m still in my bathrobe, upside down eye mask and haven’t touched my messy mop, yet! It’s a wickedly healthy routine that feeds my body, brain and soul, and it allows me to shake off the remnants of yesterday and be fully present for today.

All that counts is right now, so leave the unchanging past behind and really be wherever your two feet are planted in the moment. Look ahead, only seeing the future as a map of where you want your feet to go, but stay present today so your heart can find a way take you there.  Like I continue to do, shake off all that happened yesterday so you can be happy and powerful today! 



Beau is one my best friends, not only because he's my dog but he approaches each day with a sense of wild wonder, excitement and fun! What a good attitude.

Beau is one my best friends, not only because he’s my dog but he approaches each day with a sense of wild wonder, excitement and fun! What a good attitude.

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