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Relax & Restore- Hiking Yoga B&B Retreat


I am over the moon with excitement about my Hiking Yoga B&B Retreat and I know you will be too, once you learn more about it! I created this retreat to combine some of my favourite things: hiking, yoga, bed & breakfast joints and Hockley Valley! I made this super affordable and easy because I don’t want there to be anyTHING holding you back from getting a chance to truly look within, expand out, connect with nature and REST!

Photographer Claire Cole and I hit the trails in Hockey Valley in May to hike, practice yoga and stay at the B&B I was hoping to bring my retreat to. This means I know what I’m talking about when I say you’re in for a real treat! Check out the pictures taken on that “test run” below, and check out the Q & A’s to get clarity around this incredible trip.

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Q: When does this retreat run and how much does it cost?

A:  This retreat runs from Saturday, July4th- Sunday, July 5th and it costs $180 total (regular $225–great deal!)


Q:  Where does it take place?

A: Hockley Valley, Orangeville–around 1 hr from Toronto.

Q: Will I be in the city during this retreat at all?

A: No. Excluding our journey through Orangeville at the start and end to get to and from the B&B we will only be in NATURE. The B&B is secluded in the woods and our yoga, meditation and hiking will all be done in the great outdoors.

Q:  How much yoga and meditation will we be doing?

A:  We’ll do a gentle 30 minute yoga flow in the mornings and a 45 minute-1 hour relaxation flow at night. We’ll meditate for 5 minutes in the morning, with opportunities to meditate in your free time.

Q: Do I need to be a yoga practitioner or hiker to come on this retreat?

A:  Absolutely not. We all have to start somewhere! The goal of this retreat is not to leave you feeling exhausted and defeated. Our hikes and yoga sessions will be gentle and geared towards RELAXATION!


Q: What does our itinerary look like?

A:  This is a chance for you to let go of your tight schedule for a few days. SO, I’m not being terribly strict with timing, although I want to stay to the general structure of the retreat. A casual itinerary is below.

  Saturday, July 4th:

  1. Meet at The Stream B&B in Hockley Valley at 9 AM- Drop off bags/cars

  2. Gentle pre-hike yoga session on B&B field for 30 minutes

  3. Walk to Hockley Valley Trail entrance & hike half of trail (about 2-3 hours max, depending on pace)

  4. Break during hike for lunch (provided by me)

  5. Journal & meditate

  6. Continue hike, making way back to B&B

  7. FREE TIME (2-3 hours) –> Walk around the area, go into town, take a hot tub, read or sleep 🙂

  8. Go to Black Birch Restaurant down the street for dinner

  9. Back to B&B for evening yoga for 45 mins-1 hr

  10. Wine & hot tub time!

  11. Bed

Sunday, July 5th:

  1. Have delicious breakfast at The Stream B&B

  2. Morning meditation by B&B pond

  3. Pre-hike yoga session on B&B field for 30 minutes

  4. Hike to other part of Hockley Valley Trail and hike second half (2-3 hours max, depending on pace)

  5. Break for lunch (provided by me)

  6. Journal & meditate

  7. Continue hiking, back to B&B for 4-5 PM.

  8. Goodbye ceremony–individualized gift bags will be given to each guest.

  9. Final yoga flow to celebrate our incredible weekend.

  10. Pack up bags and head home!



Q: I don’t live in or near Orangeville–help! How do I get there?

A:  I want to encourage carpooling for this retreat. If you can get yourself to Toronto, I will be driving up as many of us as possible to save gas and the environment! Make your carpooling needs known when you book and I’ll see what I can arrange.


Q: What is the B&B like?

A:  The Stream is Hockley Valley’s B&B. Seriously–you’d be hard bent to find another inn in this area with such incredible views, staff and food. Check out The Stream website. Most of us will be sharing rooms, but will have separate beds. If you’re uncomfortable with this, bring a friend and share a room together!

Q: What are some sample menu items?

A:  Breakfast at the B&B will likely be traditional eggs and bacon, eggs benny, oatmeal or fruit. Lunch will be pre-packed by yours truly for our hikes on Saturday & Sunday and will include fresh, multi-grain sandwiches, quinoa bowls, fruits & veggies and more.


Q: What other costs do I have to keep in mind?

A: You’ll have to eat breakfast before you leave/on your way to the retreat on the Saturday and pay for your dinner out on Saturday. That’s it!

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: A yoga mat (if you don’t have one let me know and I’ll try to find some spares), bathing suit, towel, comfy clothes and your fine self!

Q:  Do I need to put down a deposit?

A: Nope! Please just eTransfer me your retreat payment of $180 by Monday, June 22nd.


There are only 4 spots left for this retreat! Book today!

Namaste ❤

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