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How to be Happy :)


Happiness is a precious gift that we all strive to obtain, but it still eludes many of us. In the same way that I once muscled through school, work and tough situations, I used to work hard to find happiness. I used to think it was another challenge to overcome, another difficult life lesson. However, I’ve learned that happiness isn’t something to be found or laboured over, it’s actually something we already naturally contain inside ourselves.

I just started Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21-day meditation to expand happiness (you can sign up here! and the wise man asked participants to consider that our natural way of being is of happiness. We are born blissful, joyful, curious and excited.  The layers of experiences, struggles and beliefs that we build up as we grow older start to make the happy flower inside our hearts less and less vibrant and visible. We start to believe, for whatever reason, that we are not enjoying life, we do not deserve happiness or that it does not exist. These are all lies, convincing and seductive lies, but they are non-truths nonetheless. Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, and it’s always waiting inside our souls to be released– to come through our bodies and spill out onto every being we meet, everywhere we go.

If we believe that happiness is our natural way of being then, or the state in which we are born, we can always come back to it. We need only clear the clutter of our minds, dispel the myths that prevent us from loving ourselves, and come back to the basics. So, what does that all actually look like? Well, you can clear the clutter of your mind by seeking silence. I meditate every morning for as long as I can and find pockets of stillness through my day. I sit outside and tap into the enchanting sounds of nature around me. I allow driving to be come a serene act, that doesn’t need to be blurred out with loud music or voices. I take deep breaths when I become overwhelmed and find the answers I seek in peace and quiet. Suddenly, everything becomes so clear and I realize I’ve been fighting my way through the day and I need only go with the flow and enjoy the rhythm of life. Crushing the lies that tell us we’re unworthy or incapable of receiving love is another major piece of the happiness puzzle. It’s our responsibility as humans to come back to our natural, happy, peaceful state so that we can help create a more harmonious world and in order to do that we need to first love ourselves. Practice looking at yourself in the mirror with compassion and saying (out loud or in your head) that you are loved, you shine love on all and that you are perfect just as you are.

Coming back to the basics is another way of reconnecting with our peaceful selves. When we get distracted by money, glamour, work or goals, we are pulling further and further away from what’s really important. I do not believe that we are here on this earth to make and spend cash, look a certain way, have an impressive job or accomplish things for ourselves. I believe our purpose is to live in harmony with each other and all living beings, to give of ourselves to those in need and to better our world so it’s more livable, sustainable and healthful.  When we come back to the basics and focus on being better human beings, while taking care of ourselves happiness is our reward. It doesn’t come wrapped in a shiny box with a bow, it subtly flaps its wings inside our hearts ready to take us to higher places. We feel it inside and know we are in a state of bliss. Thank you for supporting and reading my blog–as this form of expression brings ME much happiness! Live freely, open your heart and explore your world.




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