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I had a dream…

I’ve been having some wildly beautiful dreams lately, and I’ve noticed they share a common theme: human connection. I spent some time in a magical place a few nights ago.  In my dream I was purely an observer, floating around this serene, wide-open yellow field.  My breath was taken away by this majestic and wise looking oak tree in the centre of it all. It seemed completely still and completely alone. I was moved to calmness just by virtue of being near this tree. Before I turned to move on from this scene, I noticed a dark shadow in my peripheral. It was standing far away to the right of the tree. Once I moved closer to it I realized it was a human being, although it didn’t match my concept of what a human typically looks like. It was a shadow. It was faceless, ageless, sexless, yet I somehow knew it was human. I felt a little uneasy at first, standing before this curious being. However, once I got closer to it I saw what my eyes wouldn’t let me see before. There was a massive group of figures just like this one standing behind it. Each was standing still, holding hands with the being beside them. They didn’t speak to me and I couldn’t see their expressions, but I felt immediately comforted.  The sun was shining down on me and all of these beings. We were all one.

I woke up that morning in a dreamlike state, partly unsure of what I’d just imagined and partly excited about the experience—whether it was real or not. That dream told me how important human connection is to me and how much of it we’ve lost over the years. We’re conditioned to quickly avert our gaze if we accidentally or intentionally make eye contact with a stranger. Smile at someone  you don’t know on the bus? You may as well be wielding a knife with your pants around your ankles. What happened here? When did we stop treating each other with kindness and openness? Going back to my dream, I believe I couldn’t see the details of these humans (their faces, skin or gender) because those factors simply don’t matter when it comes to making a connection with someone. It’s immaterial what a person does for a profession, where you’re meeting them, how they dress or their age. I feel it is our duties as human beings to acknowledge, love and support ALL who we come into contact with. It doesn’t mean every stranger we meet needs to become a part of our inner circle, but we show them that we accept and celebrate them in that moment of connection.  If just reading the words “human being” makes you feel uncomfortable…consider that for just a moment. I’m repeating the words on purpose. We’ve forgotten that we are all equals because we are just that: human beings. Let’s acknowledge it and embrace it.

I feel extremely connected to others and the world around me every day when I practice yoga, whether I’m alone or at the studio. I taught myself yoga when I was 16 with my Dad’s chewed up book of poses from the 70’s. However, it wasn’t until I returned from my volunteer trip to Costa Rica in 2012 to help save endangered Sea Turtles that I took it on as a fundamental part of my life. I felt so alive after that trip! In between complaints about the nasty bugs, sunburns, and exhaustion, I felt our team really connected with each other,  thanks to our shared goal of doing something positive for the world around us.  The experience brought me closer to nature, other cultures and to human beings.

This is my very first blog post, and I wanted it to come from my heart. This is a personal post on my personal views, but I will also be writing professional articles on here about everything from health and fitness to beauty and music. Thanks for reading and supporting my journey as I follow my passion for writing and wellness.

costa connection

Top:Connecting with fellow volunteers as we save Sea Turtles in Costa Rica Bottom: Connecting with myself at the famous “Bean” in Chicago

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