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Embracing Change

Urdhva Baddha Konasana is a yoga pose that literally flips your world upside down. It's all about perspective when you're going through change.

Urdhva Baddha Konasana is a yoga pose that literally flips your world upside down. It’s all about perspective when you’re going through change.

Hello beautiful people!

I’m writing this post just before I head out for a two-week intensive Power Yoga Canada Teacher Training Certification program in gorgeous Picton, Ontario. I would have fought with you tirelessly a year ago if you had told me I’d be doing this right now. Ever since my grade 7 teacher asked our class to make a presentation on an interesting career in elementary school I’ve focused my efforts on journalism. I LOVE this field. My place in it just hasn’t materialized quite the way I always expected–but, for the better. Although I spent the last six years of my life training for and, eventually, entering the field of my dreams I didn’t feel able to fully stay there once I had “achieved” what I intended. I had an amazing TV news job but felt it wasn’t 100 % for me. So, what did I do? After months of trying to subdue inner turmoil and distress I stepped out of that job to find my true path. A few former local fans, friends and family thought I was crazy and expressed concern over my seemingly impulsive decision. They didn’t know what I’d been thinking and how I’d been feeling all that time, but how could they? The fact was and still is, I don’t need to convince anyone but myself that following my heart and passion is the right thing to do. Only I know what my “true path” is; only I can search for it and see it through.

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off since I was a young teen. Over the past two years I’ve focused on practicing Baptiste Yoga (delivered at the mothership, Power Yoga Canada). My heart kept pulling me to my mat and so my body followed. I found myself always coming back to this practice to look for inspiration, guidance, consolation and freedom. Eventually the practice became something that I couldn’t live without, or at least I didn’t want to. Yoga transformed me mentally, physically and spiritually. I’m stronger than ever in every sense and happier, too. I feel finally comfortable in who I am and celebrate my authenticity. After I left my job in TV, my perspective changed. I realized how much I’d gained from yoga, how passionate I was about it and how much I wanted to make it a solid part of who I was. I wanted to share this loving, powerful practice with the world. I didn’t know how to take on this new dream and change without a little fear and self-doubt, but I pushed through it. I became a “YES!” and decided to make my dream a reality and sign up for yoga teacher training so I could truly share my passion and help heal others.

I know it sounds a little crazy, but it’s entirely possible and beneficial to view life changes as exciting times. Instead of obsessively reviewing your past choices and careers, focus on all the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead in the relative unknown. Whenever you fall to pieces you have a chance to recreate your life from scratch! What a gift, if you want it that is. After the anxiety subsided I began to see how amazing this transitional period in my life could feel. I know that writing and journalism are still major passions of mine, so I maintain involvement as a Ghost Writer for a few health and fitness companies, and launched a freelance writing company under my name. I know, in my heart of hearts, professional and emotional balance comes with combining my passions (health and wellness, and communication). The shift in my life wasn’t absolute. I held onto some pieces from my past and added new elements to my present and future.

What’s the point of all this? Well, I wanted to say farewell before I abandon my blog for two weeks, but I also wanted to touch on something that impacts us all: change. Change is inevitable and constantly arising. It is up to us to put whatever stamp on the process that we want. We can call losing a job a failure, or ending a relationship a loss, or moving to another country a risk, but these transitional moments don’t have to be seen that way. We can embrace change! We can acknowledge our feelings, fears, doubts and sadness, but then we can move on. We know our mental tricks aren’t enough to stop us from taking the leap and diving head-first into a new world.

I look forward to bringing all the lessons I’ve learned back to this space, when I return from my training. I’m taking this on with open arms, an open heart and a big smile on my face. If we chose, we can always approach change this way.


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