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What’s Your POV?

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Try shifting your perspective up 🙂

Perspective gives us a road map of how to behave in and learn from certain situations. It urges us to look past immediate concerns and into future implications. Without perspective, life appears somewhat meaningless and harsh. With this larger view, however, life appears to make sense, have a flow and rhythm to it–meaning.

There was a time I didn’t let perspective into my world view, or maybe I didn’t know how. Sometimes it seems we can’t see the bigger picture because we’re too young or blind to see it. When I was younger I’d go through a tough break-up and feel like I’d never recover from it or love again. I’d get into a conflict with a friend or co-worker and think we’d never be able to move past it. Older now, I am able to see the forest for the trees and trust the natural ebb and flow of life, all the ups and downs, the heart ache and joy.

Whenever I face a challenging situation I try to bring perspective into the picture. I ask myself, if I’m reflecting on this moment in the future, how do I want to feel about it? Is this a big deal in the big scheme of things? If I feel I’ve over-complicated a simple situation (which happens often–although less and less) I’ll respond rationally to the situation. When I’m experiencing something positive or rare I also try to check in on my perspective. I’ll look at the situation from an outsider’s view and consider how grateful I am to be in that moment, a moment I’ll likely fondly look back on when I’m older.

I strongly believe we create our own happiness. If our perspective is positive, capturing all the beauty in the world around us, the abundance and love in our lives and the possibility in our world, we’re more likely to feel bright, content and grateful for what we have. Wearing dark perspective lenses means we’re focusing on all that is lacking in our lives, the sadness, the pain and resentments. In this state, quite obviously, we’re likely to feel sad, hopeless and unfulfilled in our lives.

Consider that you can’t become happy by reaching out into the external world for things, people and reassurance. You can become happy by pulling from the power and lightness within yourself. You can become happy when you choose to wipe away the cobwebs on your sunglasses that prevent you from seeing all the glory and gold before you. Change your perspective, change your life.


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