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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

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I can’t believe it. I’m sitting here in our new apartment, absorbing the beautiful view from our office/yoga room. A light dusting of snow is softly covering all the rooftops in view and the lake, seemingly within my reach, is icy and breathtaking. I’m enjoying a break in the clouds for the first time in days, watching the sun warm up every surface it touches. I’m finally here, in reality, embodying a fantasy I once had: to start fresh in a new city, with ample space to write and practice yoga and a new world to explore.

The move was intense. It’s hard to explain what it feels like to look at your entire life packed up in boxes. Outstanding. Confusing. Relieving. Sad. The physical job of getting our “stuff” to our new apartment was made much easier by best friends and family who pitched in. The first day of the move we left all of our furniture and pictures piled up in the living room, but that situation was swiftly taken care of. My boyfriend and I couldn’t stand living in chaos for longer than was necessary. Needless to say, our place is set-up and it already feels like home. All it takes is a few pictures from home on the walls or family heirlooms deliberately placed in the living room to make a space feel safe, homey and lived-in.

I’ve spent more time than I’d care to admit in this cozy space since we moved here a few weeks ago. It’s been painfully cold outside and I’ve used the weather as an excuse to begin hibernation mode. So swiftly I fell back into my old habits of downing chocolate and sweets like they’re going out of style and refusing to take off my less-than-attractive PJs. In the winter, I seem to lose the fiery motivation I have in the warmer months, that keeps my lit up and productive. When the cold winter comes calling, it seems to take me some time to warm up to it. I’m getting there– really, I am! I’m soaking up the sun’s rays from my office as we speak.

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I’m aware of my tendencies, and awareness is key! Knowing how you’re likely to behave and feel in certain situations gives you the power to break the pattern when you’re a real YES to “giving it up” (As Power Yoga Creator, Baron Baptiste would say).  I’m feeling more and more like a YES every day and so I’ve created an action plan to get me out of my beautiful and cozy, new apartment and back to life outside these walls just a little more. Today I created a new morning routine for myself that will jump-start my day every day and get me feeling motivated right from the get-go. This routine will include waking up bright and early before I teach yoga or write for the day, taking the dog for a walk, having a warm glass of water and lemon to cleanse my mind and body, meditating in this healing yoga/writing room, before practicing yoga for 30-60 mins on my mat. I know myself well, and I know that if I start my day off on a positive, balancing note it can only go up from there. My yoga students will benefit as a result of my new, energy-boosting routine and my general wellbeing will improve.

It occurs to me now that I am only even able to worry about my physical health and emotional behaviours at  the moment because I am not worrying about this apartment or work. I’ve got my bases covered. I’ve adapted so well to this new environment that I’ve now created other concerns to keep me occupied! Well, would you just look at that? I feel I belong here, and now I need only set myself up to thrive and feel alive in this new space. One step at a time, we can all find peace, health and happiness wherever we are, however familiar we are to our surroundings and whatever the weather.


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