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Havening Technique: The Self-Hug That Heals Anxiety + Stress

Let’s face it, with the kind of year we’ve all had, we need a little more than a good yoga class or therapy session to really feel relaxed, relieved and safe. Thankfully, there’s a (relatively) new dog in town and it’s quickly becoming my favourite complementary self-soothing tool.

It’s called the ‘Havening Technique’ and to put it simply, it involves hugging or caressing yourself, sometimes while simultaneously repeating certain mantras, affirmations or grounding words.

This technique is being used to help treat phobias, grief, PTSD, addictions, chronic pain, anxiety and much more.

It’s as touchy-feely as it comes AND it’s also backed by real science. The creators of the technique Dr. Steven Ruden and Dr. Ronald Ruden, relied heavily on neuroscience and a psychosensory approach to trauma to help struggling souls find a deeper healing and quicker recovery.

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