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A Love Letter to Nature

“I’ll never recover from this day,” a smiling stranger announced, with her jacket unzipped and arms outstretched on the boardwalk bench.

As I passed her by with my dog leash in hand and a breathtaking scene of the lake in view, I thought to myself- how perfectly true.

Normally, it’s below ze

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 4.25.09 PM

Life is made of up beautiful, unexplainable moments. Many that cause a stir in our souls because of their natural foundation.

It’s moments like this, where the sun’s golden shimmery rays dance on the winter lake and strangers smile at the ethereal glory around them, that awaken my senses and strengthen my heart.

Thank you, Mother Earth. Thank you, Sun and Moon. Thank you, Stars and Sea. Thank you for reflecting the pure beauty of humanity back to me.


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