I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk! I'm a certified fitness professional and wellness writer, who's overcome many challenging life situations. I share my experiences and provide tools for others to build mindfulness, find more peace and connect to their personal power to lead more authentic and fulfilling lives.

​Get Grounded. Find Inner Peace...or just the Right Words to Say. 

Yoga Teacher. Freelance Writer.


Yoga is a personal practice, so let's make it just that- 100% for YOU. I take a tailored approach to my teaching, while guiding you towards greater flexibility, core strength, mental clarity, inner peace and much more. 

eryl mcCaffrey



Writer, ghostwriter, editor, blogger- I wear all the hats. With a journalism degree and a background in print, radio and television news I'm highly skilled at writing clear, concise and effective pieces or longer features. I share my personal life lessons and wellness tips on my blog, Two Feet & a Heartbeat.